110, Direct Drive Blowers

  • Superior Quality for your laboratory exhaust requirements.
  • Airstream Integrity isolated from fan exterior and motor housing compartment.
  • Airtight inlet and discharge connections.
  • Shaft Seals contain corrosive and/or hazardous fumes.
  • Steel Wheels are standard. Spark-resistant AMCA "B" aluminum wheels or corrosion resistant stainless steel wheels are available when required.
  • Special Coatings available:
    1. Epoxy for mild corrosive fumes and temperatures below 180º F.
    2. Cen-FP (fluoropolymer) for severe corrosive fumes such as nitric, sulfuric or perchloric acids.
  • Wheels are balanced after coating
  • Belt Driven fans are AMCA licensed for air performance.
  • All fasteners in airstream are stainless steel.
Recommended CFM 100 through 1000 CFM

Wheel Diameter x W 10-5/8 x 5 in
Bore 5/8 in
Performance Tables

  • Rugged industrial construction.
  • Dynamically balanced for efficient operation with a minimum of noise.


  • Made of heavy gauge, galvanized steel.
  • Wide flange inlet collars facilitate easy connections of standard sized sheet metal pipe.
  • Baked enamel finish withstands most atmospheric conditions.
  • Field rotatable to eight different discharge positions.

Forward Curve

  • Quiet operation for fresh air supply and exhausting air from washroom kitchens, hoods, grinders, etc.
  • Use low speed unit for quietest operations and high speed for applications involving higher static pressures.
  • Available in either CW or CCW rotation.

Variable Speed Motor Controls

The full wave phase control circuitry minimizes power loss, reducing energy requirements. The controls provide infinitely variable speed adjustment which permits the consumer individual selection of air volume, motor speed, and noise level. The models cover a range of amperages from 2.5 through 10.0 amps , allowing selection of the most economical control for the application. Important features are standard: RFI filter, min. speed trim, and built-in on/off line switch. All models are U.L. recognized. Available on single phase, PSC motors only.

Backward Inclined

  • Non-overloading horsepower curve makes it possible to match the power output of the motor to the power requirement of the blower so both motor and blower are operating near their points of peak efficiency.
  • Backward inclined self-cleaning wheel.
  • Operating at pressures up to 5 1/2" S.P.
  • Use to exhaust air through duct systems at relatively high pressures.
  • Ideal for many industrial uses, including exhausting heat or fumes from laboratory hoods and welding and brazing operations.
  • 3450 rpm models are intended mainly for industrial uses where higher pressures are required.
  • 1750 rpm models are designed for use in commercial or residential buildings where quieter operation is needed.

Optional Features

  • Spark resistant construction.
  • Chemical resistant coatings.
  • Inlet & outlet screens.
  • Automatic back draft dampers.
  • Vibrations isolators, Rubber-in-Shear, Individual Spring Mounts or Spring Rails.
  • Weather covers.
  • Outlet transition to 8" dia. round.
  • Drain fitting.
  • Special motors such as TEFC, Explosion Proof, 2-speed and variable speed.


Rotation is determined when viewed from the drive side. (usually opposite the inlet side) or as viewed from the motor (or closed) side of the wheel.