FC 112, Belt Driven Forward-Curve Single Inlet Blowers - Series FC (Typical of FC112 to FC118)

Performance shown is for Type B - Free Inlet, Ducted Outlet.
Power rating (BHP) does not include drive losses. Shaded area indicates optimum performance range.
Performance ratings do not include the effects of appurtenances in the airstream.

Blower Specifications 12 5/8 Inch Wheel Diameter
Tip Speed (FPM) = 3.31 x RPM
Performance Tables
Industrial Certification AMCA Certified

Central Blower Co. certifies that the Forward Curve Blowers shown herein are licensed to bear the AMCA Seal. The ratings shown are based on tests and procedures performed in accordance with AMCA Publication 211 and comply with the requirements of AMCA Certified Rating Program.
Wheel Multivane forward curved wheel. They are designed to move the maximum volume of air with a minimum wheel speed, which results in quiet operation. All Central wheels are dynamically and statically balanced.
Housing Made of heavy - gauge, zinc coated steel with electric welded construction. The discharge can easily be changed in the field to any one of eight different positions. The inlet connections are sized to fit standard sheet metal conductor pipe.
Frame Ruggedly constructed of heavy galvanized angles. The open construction provides easy access for mounting of and wiring to motor. On models FC-109 and FC-111 the motor is mounted above the blower shaft to provide easy access for wiring and belt adjustment.
Bearings Self-Aligning ball bearing pillow blocks are supplied on all models.
Bearings are pre-lubricated and equipped with labyrinth seals to retain the lubricant and to exclude dust and moisture. Both bearings are mounted out of the air stream for long life.
Shaft Ground and polished C1045 steel, protected by a rust preventive coating.
Motor Base Heavy gauge galvanized steel base, pivoted at one end and supported at the other by two threaded rods for easy belt adjustment. Hinge type construction insures that the motor shaft will remain parallel with the motor shaft when adjusting belt tension
Drives V - Belt drives are available to cover the air volume and pressure range of each model. V - belt drives provide for adjusting the blower speed to the exact RPM needed to supply the desired air volume and static pressure. The variable pitch motor pully is easily adjustable to provide approximately ten percent ( 10% ) variation in blower speeds.
Motors Fan duty - type motor of nationally recognized manufacturers are available. NEMA standard, single speed, 1725 RPM, open drip proof motors are normally furnished when units are ordered with motor and drives. Special motors that are available.
Drive Cover Weather - proof enclosures of galvanized steel are standard equipment on all model. Cover provides guarding for the belt drives and rotating shaft to meet safety codes and protects the motor and drives from the weather.
Finishes Housings are made of special zinc coated steel and then finished in weather resistant baked enamel. The wheels and drives covers are made of rust resisting galvanized steel.
Vibration Isolators Available in a variety of types: Rubber - in shear isolator pads, Individual spring-type mounts or spring-rail type mounts are stock items. Earthquake restraint mounts are available.
Automatic Discharge Shutter For prevention of backdraft or for weather protection.
Drain Connection 3/4-inch pipe coupling welded to the low point of the housing for draining of water or grease that might accumulate in the housing. Weep hole also available without pipe connection.
Spark Resistant Construction AMCA Type "B" spark resistant construction is available on all sizes of Central FC Blowers. AMCA standard #401-82 requires that the fan shall have a non-ferrous rubbing ring about the opening through which the shaft passes. AMCA Type "A" construction is available for most models at extra cost and additional lead time. For Type "A" construction, in addition to the requirement for Type "B", all parts in contact with the air stream shall be of non-ferrous material.
Special Motors Totally - Enclosed, Explosion Proof, High Efficient, two-speed and other special motor can be furnished. 208 volt either single or three phase are available. Automatic Thermal Overload Protection is standard in single phase motors through 2 HP. Three phase motors are available with built-in overload protection on some models through 5 HP at nominal added cost.
Special Coatings Corrosive fumes may require special coating. Epoxies, and Halar are available to resist the effects of acids, alkalies, solvents etc. For more information on special coatings, contact Central Blower Company.
Protective Screens Inlet screens protect unit from debris when used on supply application. Outlet screens prevent entrance of birds and serve as a safety guard for rotating blower wheel.
Applications These forward curves blowers, because of their quiet operation are ideally suited for supply or exhaust applications in a wide variety of buildings. Typical uses are for ventilation or exhaust in restaurants, schools, office buildings, theaters, industrial plants and laboratories. The Spark Resistant models are ideal for exhaust applications where explosive vapors, gases or dust might be present in the exhausted air.
Note Models FC-109 through FC-118 require 4 vibration isolators. Larger sizes require 6. Optional inlet side foot recommended on Model FC-111 through FC-118 in upblast discharge position when stack is used.

Units Shown Are Clockwise Rotation, Also Available In Counterclockwise Rotation